People will take selfies. Why not be prepared?

In the July 14, 2017 issue of The New York Times, Sopan Deb reported (“Oops! A Gallery Selfie Gone Wrong Causes $200,000 in Damage” ) that a visitor taking a selfie caused considerable damage to a number of pieces in a show at 14th Factory in Los Angeles when, striving for a better photo, she got too close to a pedestal, lost her balance, and set a row of pedestals with art works on top crashing down domino style. There have been a number of prior art museum and gallery selfie mishaps. Short of confiscating cell phones (and cameras) from visitors, an institution would be hard pressed to eliminate the practice of taking selfies Pedestals and art works can be secured. Barriers and do not cross floor markings can be installed. People will take selfies. Why not be prepared?