Emerging Conservation Professionals Network (ECPN) Seeking a Liaison to Conservators in Private Practice (CIPP)

The Emerging Conservation Professionals Network (ECPN) is seeking candidates for the position of liaison to the Conservators in Private Practice (CIPP) specialty group. This is a one-year term position, with the potential to renew for another year. It is open to early-career conservators who are currently working in private practice and are members of CIPP.

The liaison would join ECPN’s growing Specialty Group Liaison program, and serve as a connection between Specialty Group leadership, ECPs in your specialty group, and the larger ECPN community.

Both ECPN and CIPP’s charges and current leadership can be found on the AIC website here and here, respectively.

CIPP Duties and Goals:

  • Conference Calls with CIPP Officers (first Wednesday of the month)
  • Subscribe to CIPP Officer listserv
  • Assist with developing CIPP programming targeted toward emerging conservators (such as Annual Meeting programs, webinars, resource guides, blog posts)
  • Participate/co-author one CIPP article in AIC News
  • Provide content for updating the CIPP website
  • Produce a summary of activities for CIPP biannual report to AIC Board of Directors
  • Funding may be available to offset the registration costs to attend the annual meeting

ECPN Duties:

  • Conference Calls with ECPN Outreach Officers (1-2x/year)
  • Conference Calls with ECPN Officers (1-4x/year)
  • Disseminate information pertinent to the ECPN community (e.g. BigTent forums andspecialty group listserv)
  • Make at least two short entries on BigTent updating the ECPN liaison community on upcoming or successful initiatives
  • When appropriate, advocate for ECPs in specialty group meetings and promote specialtygroup initiatives to ECPs
  • Assist with the AIC Wiki edit-a-thon on specialty group web pages in consultation with specialty group chair and ECPN
  • Provide support to ECPN entries on the AIC blog
  • Publicize ECPN webinars (two organized annually)
  • If present at the annual AIC meeting, attend the specialty group business meeting and give the ECPN update presentation (talking points will be provided by ECPN Officers); promoting ECPN programming
  • Stay connected via Facebook and ECPN posts on the AIC Blog
  • Brief Spring Report: a short summary of the work done by the specialty groups and how it affects the ECPN community and how this information was circulated.

Please send a CV and brief statement of interest to ECPN’s Outreach Officers at ecpn.outreach@conservation-us.org by August 4, 2017.