Frederick Bearman Research Grant for book and paper conservation

The Institute of Conservation (Icon) Book & Paper Group are proud to announce that applications are now open for the Frederick Bearman Research Grant. We are delighted to be able to offer a 1000 GBP research bursary to support new research projects into to conservation of books, paper and related materials.

Frederick Bearman led a diverse international career as a distinguished conservator, educator and administrator in the field of rare books and archives. He worked for institutions in the UK and USA, including the Public Record Office, Camberwell College of Arts, Columbia University Libraries and University College London. He was loved and respected by friends and colleagues across our profession.

The Book and Paper Group will award one annual grant of up to 1000 GBP. Any Icon member can apply, and we welcome applications from members at all stages of their careers, either as individuals or collaborations. We are looking for interesting and informative projects such as preliminary investigations into old and new materials, tools and techniques, or a study of a particular collection or binding style. Perhaps there is something you have been meaning to explore but haven’t found the time or the funds? Or even research you have already started but haven’t had the support to finish? You may be a recent graduate who wants to expand on your MA research, or a seasoned conservator who needs funding to follow an idea.

Even small discoveries that you have made could have a big impact on the conservation community!

The recipient(s) of the grant will present their investigations as the keynote speaker(s) at the Frederick Bearman Memorial Lecture in December 2018 which will provide an exciting, informative and welcoming platform through which to share your investigations with the conservation community.

Applications are open from now until February 9, 2018. The winner will be selected by an expert panel and notified by the following month. For more information and further details on how to apply please visit the ICON website.