Special! Two Online Meetings Added to FAIC Online Education Schedule



is pleased to announce

a collaboration with Research and Writing

to present two special online meetings in November 2011


On Tuesday, November 1, 12:00-1:30 pm ET (UCT -4:00)

What a Good Contract Includes

download more information here

In this meeting, we will discuss:

  • The five basic components of a well-written contract
  • The role each component plays in an enforceable contract
  • Two optional components of a contract, and why you might want to include them
  • The differences and similarities between a contract and a Letter of Agreement or Memorandum of Understanding


On  Tuesday, November 8, 12:00-1:30 pm ET (UCT -5:00)

What Is It About Insurance?

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This meeting will guide you through such basics as:

  • Three insurance policies you should use to protect your business from disaster
  • Common terms and descriptions used by the insurance industry
  • Three other insurance lines you should consider purchasing

 The meetings are open to all.

Registration Details:

The registration fee is $65.00, or $35 for a single meeting. Contact Sarah at Research and Writing (sarah[@]researchandwriting.net) about group discounts.

Register from the Research and Writing website:  http://bit.ly/MTGS_1111.

Want more information about the AIC Online meeting series? Go to http://bit.ly/5-FAIC
Want to know why conservators should know about business? Go to http://bit.ly/qX4wyF


Meetings presented by Research and Writing in collaboration with FAIC provide an introduction and discussion forum for business topics of interest to the conservation and preservation community. They do not replace individual consultation with an appropriately qualified professional.