Annual Meeting Opportunity for Emerging Conservators

Attention all emerging conservators:

Are you going to the AIC’s 40th Annual Meeting in Albuquerque ?

If so, we, the organizing committee of AIC’s newest network, the Collections Care Network (CCN) could use your help.

We need approximately 10 people to help us with the Outreach to Allies session we are presenting at this year’s AIC Annual Meeting.

The session is from 4:55 to 5:30 on Wednesday, May 9. It will start with a 10 minute introduction to the CCN and some of our goals. The audience will then be divided into small groups (8 or 10 around a table). Each group will watch a 2 minute video. Each video will present an individual discussing a conundrum or issue in an area of preventive conservation/collections care. The presenters will all be from allied organizations that work in the area of preventive care. After the video a member of the CCN will moderate a 15 or 20 minute discussion with each small group around the topic that was presented and how the CCN might work on programming, resources, etc. that would help with the issue.

We are hoping to find a note taker for each group. We hope you will see this as an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the discussion related to preventive care issues with which AIC will be grappling. It should also be an opportunity for you to network with a small group of conservation professionals. It would really help us out!

Ideally notes would be taken using your own computer. If you are willing to take notes but need a computer we can sort that out. If you really prefer to hand write we can work with that.

If you would like more details before agreeing or are ready and willing and just want the specific directions we will provide please contact Joelle Wickens, chair, CCN – jwicke [at] winterthur [dot] org

If you want a few more details about the CCN click here.