Call for Papers and Posters : 12th ICOM-CC Wet Organic Archaeological Materials Conference (WOAM)

Call for Papers and Posters : 12th ICOM-CC Wet Organic Archaeological Materials Conference (WOAM)

Istanbul, Turkey

May 13-17, 2013

Aims of the Conference

  • To present relevant case studies in the conservation of wet organic archaeological materials
  • To disseminate scientific research results in the field of wet organic archaeological materials
  • To promote the application of new materials and technologies for conservation as well as new tools for analysis and documentation
  • To identify further research and to provide networking for future activities

The Wet Organic Archaeological Materials Working Group has decided to focus on the following subjects. The list is not inclusive and all topics of relevance to the analysis, treatment and care of wet organics are welcome.

  • Pre-conservation storage
  • In-situ preservation and reburial
  • New materials for the conservation of organic materials
  • Re-treatment of artifacts with particular reference to alum inĀ  wood
  • Acids (sulphur and iron) formation in organic materials
  • Categorization of materials, wood degradation and analysis
  • Post-conservation display and storage
  • Review of the samples from the 1987 International Comparative Wood Treatment Study
  • Reports on ongoing conservation projects and case studies

Due Dates:

Sept 15, 2012: Submission of abstracts for papers or posters

Abstracts for Peer Review papers (title, authors and text, maximum 800 words, no images or graphs)

Please indicate if Paper is for Peer Review.

Abstracts for all other papers and posters (title, authors and text, maximum 400 words, no images or graphs) Abstracts for papers or posters should be submitted by e-mail to: tara.grant [at] pch__gc__ca

Oct 15, 2012: Approval of abstracts, speakers and posters, notification of authors

Jan 15, 2013: Submission of Peer Review Papers

April 30, 2013: Submission of all other papers or posters submitted for publication.

Late acceptance of Non-peer reviewed papers may be accepted if space remains.

All papers will be published in the conference proceedings.

For more information about submitting an abstract, please contact tara.grant [at] pch__gc__ca

For more information concerning the conference please go to

Tara Grant, Coordinator WOAM

Senior Conservator – Archaeology

Canadian Conservation Institute

1030 Innes Road

Ottawa ON K1A 0M5

613-998-3721 ext 227