Conference: “The Future’s Bright: Managing Colour Change in Light Sensitive Collections” in Stockholm, Sweden, 15-16 November 2012

Stockholm, Sweden
15-16 November 2012

This two day event will address one of the most pertinent issues in modern collections care: How to assess and manage colour change in light sensitive objects whilst still enabling collections access. The event will cover: accelerated fading techniques (microfading and spectrophotometry) anoxic framing and solid state lighting (SSL) and will include workshop demonstrations of microfading technology. This conference will be of interest to anyone who works with light sensitive collections; however, it is primarily aimed at conservators and conservation managers. The focus will be the practical application and use of these techniques and technologies for conservators who do not work with an in-house conservation science team.

The event will be held in English.

Cost: 995 SEK

For more information please email futuresbright [at] nationalmuseum__se.