Mailing lists and listservs not reaching Yahoo, Hotmail users

Subscribers to listservs and distribution lists, including AIC listservs, have been running into problems. The culprit is a new layer of security added by certain mail providers, primarily Yahoo Mail, Comcast, and Hotmail.
Many people using these email accounts have noticed that messages are not coming in or the listserv’s automated “mailman” is disabling their accounts. Reactivating the account will not work, since the new security settings are not allowing any messages through. If this issue affects you, the best solution is to switch your listserv subscription to a different email—perhaps a work email address or a Gmail account. Another solution is to log in and read the archives on a regular basis, since access to the archives should not be restricted.
Members who are affected by this will be getting weekly emails from AIC with any important announcements related to the annual meeting. We are working on a long-term solution to be enacted after the annual meeting. Please contact your Specialty Group chair(s) with any issues.
Subscribers to the Conservation Dist-List should not be affected by this problem.