Creative Endeavors and Expressive Ideas: Emerging Conservators Engaging through Outreach and Public Scholarship

Steven O’Banion speaking to students at Bishop Wordsworth’s School, UK

This is the first in a series of blog posts that will feature interviews with emerging conservators who have contributed to ECPN’s outreach-themed poster for the AIC annual meeting. The poster showcases success stories in outreach and new media that are being applied by emerging conservators, and highlights the variety of tools that are making these endeavors possible. Interviews with the contributors describe different approaches to outreach, including the tools that helped them reach their target audiences. These include public conservation treatments, as well as communication through traditional and social media. These outreach initiatives have helped emerging conservators reach many different audiences, including members of the public, prospective clients, allied professionals, and other conservators.

ECPN would like to thank the following members for their contributions: LeeAnn Barnes-Gordon, Heather Brown, Liz Chayes, Rose Daly, Emily Gardner Phillips, Tara Hornung, Melissa King, Allison Lewis, Jennifer Martinez, Steven O’Banion, Megan Salazar-Walsh, Melissa Stone; we wish you all the best in your continued outreach endeavors!