Volume 4: 2015-2016

Papers presented at the Electronic Media Group session of the 43rd AIC Annual Meeting, Miami, Florida, 2015, and the 44th AIC Annual Meeting, Montreal Canada, 2016.

Briana Feston-Brunet and Jeffrey Warda, Managing Editors

Papers presented at the Electronic Media Group Session, AIC 43rd Annual Meeting, May 13–16, 2015, Miami, Florida

The Fragile Surface: Preserving the CD-DA
John Passmore

QCTools: A Consideration of Free Software for the Quality Control of Video Digitization
Dave Rice and Benjamin Turkus

Drop Video File(s) Here: The Emergence of Free Quality Control Tools for Video Preservation
Benjamin Turkus

Digital Applications for Film Preservation
Erik Piil and Peter Oleksik

Cross-disciplinary Conservation: Building a Synergetic Time-based Media Lab
Joanna Phillips

Computational Provenance and Computational Reproducibility: What Can We Learn about the Conservation of Software Art from Current Research in the Sciences?
Deena Engel and Mark Hellar

An Exploration of Significance, Dependency, and Virtualization in the Conservation of Software-based Artworks
Patricia Falcao, Annet Dekker, and Pip Laurenson

Defining an Ethical Framework for Preserving Cory Arcangel’s Super Mario Clouds
Emilie Magnin

Archiving The Brotherhood: Proposing a Technical Genealogy for Time-Based Works
Joey Heinen

Jeremy Blake’s Time-Based Paintings: A Case Study
Julia Kim and Don Mennerich

Papers presented at the Electronic Media Group Session, AIC 44th Annual Meeting, May 13–17, 2016, Montreal, Canada

Conservation and Digital Preservation: (Where) Do the Two Roads Meet?
David Stevenson

Videotape Deterioration Mechanisms and Conservation Remedies: A Primer
Erik Piil

How Sustainable is File-based Video Art? Exploring the Foundations for Best Practice Development
Brian Castriota, Sophie Bunz, Flaminia Fortunato, Carole Maître

Recovering the Eyebeam Collection Following Superstorm Sandy: Conservation lessons for all revealed by a multimedia disaster
Kara Van Malssen

Re-Constructions: Preserving the Video Installations of Buky Schwartz
Eddy Colloton

Matters in Media Art III: Sustaining Digital Video Art
Martina Haidvogl and Peter Oleksik

Putting the Time Base back in Time Based Media Conservation
Benjamin Turkus and Kelly Haydon

Slow Dissolve: Re-presenting Synchronised Slide-based Artworks in the 21st Century
Fergus O’Connor

When Functionality Is Everything: A case study in recovering flood damaged electronic parts from a musical instrument collection
Hayley Robb

Pinball for Posterity: Adapting the preservation principles of libraries to preserve arcade and pinball collections at The International Center for the History of Electronic Games
Carrie McNeal, Jeremy Saucier, Martin Reinhardt

Best Practices for Conservation of Media Art from an Artist’s Perspective
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer

Susan Kare and Her Macintosh Icons: A Co-Acquisition
Ben Fino-Radin, Martina Haidvogl and Mark Hellar

Unauthorized Archives and Unreleased Software: Preserving a Cancelled Project
James Hodges