Volume 3: 2013-2014

Papers presented at the Electronic Media Group session of the 41st AIC Annual Meeting, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2013, and the 42nd AIC Annual Meeting, San Francisco, California, 2014.

The full PDF of Volume 3 is available free of charge in the AIC Online Store.

Briana Feston-Brunet, Managing Editor

Papers presented at the Electronic Media Group Session, AIC 41st Annual Meeting, May 29–June 1, 2013, Indianapolis, Indiana

Let’s Talk Digital: An Approach to Managing, Storing, and Preserving Time-Based Media Art Works
Alex Cooper and Isabel Meyer

FUTURE, or How to Survive Forever
Annet Dekker

A Hands-Off Approach to Controlling Media-Based Artworks
Brad Dilger and Richard McCoy

Technical Documentation of Source Code at the Museum of Modern Art
Deena Engel and Glenn Wharton

Digital Video Preservation in Contemporary Art Museums and Small Collections in 2012
Patricia Falcão

Expanding into Shared Spaces at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Martina Haidvogl

The Role of the Technical Narrative for Preserving New Media Art
Mark Hellar

Conserving Custom Electronic Video Instruments
Mona Jimenez

Pericles and Presto4U – Two European Funded Projects Progressing Research in the Conservation of Digital Art
Dr. Pip Laurenson

The Legible City – One Artwork, Multiple Embodiments
Arnaud Obermann

Wrangling Electricity: Lessons Learned from the Mass Migration of Analog and Digital Media for Preservation and Exhibition
Peter Oleksik

Preservation and Restoration of Photographic and Audiovisual Materials after Large-Scale Disasters
Fenna Yola Tykwer

I Know a Guy: Collecting Technical Documentation – Locally
Steven Villereal

Papers presented at the Electronic Media Group Session, AIC 42nd Annual Meeting, May 28-31, 2014, San Francisco, California

Creating a Preservation and Access Framework for Digital Art Objects
Desiree Alexander, Madeline Casad, and Dianne Dietrich

Sustaining Playback Through Techno-Archeology: A VTR Refurbishment Project
Michael Angeletti

A Roadmap to Preserving Digital Objects
Dawn Aveline, Gloria Gonzalez, and Siobhan Hagan

Establishing Time-Based Media Conservation at the National Galleries of Scotland: Creating More in Times of Less
Kirsten Dunne

XFR STN: Operating an Open-Door Media Conservation Lab
Walter Forsberg and Ben Fino-Radin

The A/V Artifact Atlas: Creating a Common Language for Audiovisual Errors
Hannah Frost and Kristin MacDonough

Filling in the Gaps: Finding Your Way to Conscientious Curation and Preservation of Born Digital Collections and Objects
Jason Evans Groth

Imaging Digital Media for Preservation with LAMMP
Matthew McKinley

From Infancy to Adolescence: Growing an Electronic Media Conservation Program at the Denver Art Museum
Kate Moomaw and Sarah Melching

Conservation of Time-Based Media Before Acquisition Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love HD Video
Peter Oleksik

Life After Tape: Collecting Digital Video Art
Joanna Phillips and Agathe Jarczyk

Sustainable Digital Preservation for Audiovisual Content
Linda Tadic

The California Audiovisual Preservation Project: A Statewide Collaborative Model to Preserve the State’s Documentary Heritage
Pamela Jean Vadakan

Museum and University Collaboration in Media Conservation Research
Glenn Wharton and Deena Engel