Volume 5: 2017-2018

Papers presented at the Electronic Media Group session of the 45th AIC Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois, 2017, and the 46th AIC Annual Meeting, Houston, Texas, 2018.

Briana Feston-Brunet, Managing Editor

Papers presented at the Electronic Media Group Session, AIC 45th Annual Meeting, May 28–June 2, 2017, Chicago, Illinois

The Ballad of Little Bill: Collaboration in time-based media conservation
Daniel Finn and Ariel O’Connor

Digital Preservation Actions as Interventive Conservation Treatments at the Smithsonian
Briana Feston-Brunet and Crystal Sanchez

The Role of Conservation Treatment in a Mass Digitisation Program
Felicity Corkill

Me and My Kinetta
Amy Belotti

Obsolescent Technology: The viability of the cathode ray tube used in art
Sara A. Moy

Framing the Jones Buffer: Documenting the history and preservation of an iconic image-processing tool
Athena Christa Holbrook

(Not) Freaking Out Over the Videofreex: Preserving a video collective archive
Tom Colley and Kristin MacDonough

Overcoming Your Control Issues: Arduinos as an emulation strategy
Sasha Dobbs and Martina Haidvogl

The Conservation of Light: Managing a collection of light-based artwork
Abigail Duckor, Charlotte Eng, and Terry Schaffer

From Virtual to Reality: Dissecting Jennifer Steinkamp’s software-based installation
Shu-Wen Lin

New Research and Developments in the Conservation of Computer-based Art
Deena Engel and Joanna Phillips

Establishing a Workflow for the Preservation of Software-Based Artworks
Patricia Falcao, Klaus Rechert, Dragan Espenschied, and Tom Ensom

Do You Hear What I Hear? Documentation and Assessment of Aural Elements in Media Installation Art
Amy Brost

SFMOMA’s Mediawiki: Prototyping a new object record
Martina Haidvogl, Rachael Faust

The David Wojnarowicz Knowledge Base: A wiki-based solution for conservation and exhibition documentation
Glenn Wharton and Deena Engel

Repair, Replace, and Re-make: Negotiating/Navigating the conservation treatment of Ann Hamilton’s ‘at hand’
Briana Feston-Brunet, Stephanie Lussier, Michal Mikesell, Drew Doucette, and Emily Nabasny

Finding Logic Within Integrated Circuits: The restoration of Stephan von Huene’s Tap Dancer
Julie Wolfe and Coleman Wood

Papers presented at the Electronic Media Group Session, AIC 46th Annual Meeting, May 29–June 2, 2018, Houston, Texas

Rewind, Pause, Playback: Addressing a Media Conservation Backlog at the Denver Art Museum
Eddy Colloton and Kate Moomaw

Archiving Computer-based Artworks
Jonathan Farbowitz

Conservation Surveys for Time-based Media Art Collections
Mona Jimenez

A Documentation Framework for Sound in Time-based Media Installation Art
Amy Brost

VR Tools as Spatial Documentation
Jack McConchie

Time-based Media Art Conservation Education Program at NYU: Concept and Perspectives
Christine Frohnert and Hannelore Roemich

Collaboration in the Aesthetic Zone: Trisha Brown and Robert Rauschenberg
Bill Brand, Shu-Wen Lin, Cori Olinghouse, and Francine Snyder

Emulating Horizons (2008) by Geert Mul: The Challenges of Intensive Graphics Rendering
Claudia Roeck

Preserving Stephan von Huene’s Electronic Artworks by Means of Bit-Stream Documentation
Sophie Bunz

Introducing ‘Code Resituation’: Applying the Concept of Minimal Intervention to the Conservation Treatment of Software-based Art
Deena Engel and Joanna Phillips

Revealing Hidden Processes: Instrumentation and Reverse Engineering in the Conservation of Software-based Art
Tom Ensom

Establishing Preservation Practices for Net Art and App-Based Works
Coral Salomón

Looking Forwards and Backwards: Practical Approaches to the Stewardship of Time-Based Media Art
Erin Barsan and Elise Tanner

A Steep Learning Curve: Developments in the Field of Time-Based Art Conservation in Australia
Asti Sherring

The Preservation and Conservation of Digital Technology Heritage: A Case Study of New Media Art Collection of National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
Yu-Hsien Chen and Shin Chieh Tzeng

Unsustainable Digital Collections
Jo Ana Morfin

What Happened When? Creating Retroactive Iteration Reports for Time-based Media Artworks
Alexandra Nichols

Getting It On Record: Stabilization, Enhanced Imaging, and Documentation of Archival Instantaneous Audio Discs
David M. Walker