Volume 2: 2011-2012

Papers presented at the Electronic Media Group session of the 39th AIC Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2011, and the 40th AIC Annual Meeting, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 2012.

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Jeffrey Warda, Managing Editor
Edited by Briana Feston, Jane Klinger, Sarah Norris, and Jeffrey Warda

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Papers presented at the Electronic Media Group Session, AIC 39th Annual Meeting, May 31–June 1, 2011, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Overcoming Obsolescence: The Examination, Documentation, and Preservation of Nam June Paik’s TV Cello
Lisa Conte, Christine Frohnert, Lisa Nelson, and Julia Sybalsky

Risk Assessment as a Tool in the Conservation of Software-Based Artworks
Patricia Falcão

The Tree Decision-Making Model for the Preservation of Technological Equipment for Time-Based Media Art: A DOCAM Research Tool Outcome
Richard Gagnier

Acquisition and Installation of Time-Based Art at The Hirshhorn Museum: Lending Electronic Media
Sara Gordon

Acquisition and Installation of Time-Based Art at The Hirshhorn Museum: Changing Practices
Jeff Martin

Versions, Variations, and Variability: Ethical Considerations and Conservation Options for Computer-Based Art
Hanna Barbara Hölling

Developments at Tate in the Conservation of Artists’ Video as File-Based Data
Pip Laurenson

Anatomy of the Analog: The Preservation of Frank Theys’s Video Installation Oratorium for Prepared Video Player and Eight Monitors (1989)
Emanual Lorrain

Restoration of Molded Videotapes: Research on Vacuum-Freeze-Drying of Water Damaged Videotapes
Agathe Jarczyk

Mass Migration of Archival Video Collections: Open Source Tools for Managing Digitization Projects
Donald Mennerich

Collaborative Conservation: Sharing Expertise at The Goodwill Computer Museum
Virginia Luehrsen and Karen L. Pavelka

Papers presented at the Electronic Media Group Session,
AIC 40th Annual Meeting, May 8–11, 2012, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Moving Pictures: Restoring Roy Lichtenstein’s Foray Into Film
Clare Bell

Rapid Identification of Sticky Shed Syndrome in Magnetic Tape Using ATR-FTIR and Multivariate Statistics
Eric Breitung, Samantha Skelton, and Stephen Morgan

Conservation in Collections of Digital Works of Art
Ben Fino-Radin

Conservation of Historic Cathode Ray Tube-Based Artworks from the 1960s
Christine Frohnert

Geeks, Boffins, and Whiz-Kids: The Key Role of the Independent Expert in Time-Based Media Conservation
Kate Jennings and Tina Weidner

Toward an Ontology of Audio Preservation
Sarah Norris

Acts of Non-Conservation: Developing More Effective Means of Communication and Advocacy Through Metadata
Joshua M. Ranger

Fundamentals of the Cathode Ray Tube Based Display and its Maintenance and Conservation Within Contemporary Artworks
Chi-Tien Lui and  Raphaele Shirley

Capture Software Study for Preservation of Analog Videotape
Lauren Sorensen

Fading Out: The End of 35mm Slide Transparencies
Tina Weidner