Pericles and Presto4U – Two European Funded Projects Progressing Research in the Conservation of Digital Art

Pip Laurenson
The Electronic Media Review, Volume Three: 2013-2014
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This paper aims to provide an overview of two European funded projects which will begin in early 2013, and which include the conservation of digital arts within their purview. The four-year project, Pericles (, includes as one of its case studies the conservation of digital arts. The other project, Presto4U (, focuses on video preservation and includes art museums and collections as one of its communities of practice. Both of these projects ask why previous research has had such small acceptance within the museum sector, specifically among those dealing with the conservation of digital arts. These projects aim to develop tools and methods that will help support the conservation of these works of art in our care. The author will describe the aims of these research projects, the importance of building partnerships and developing a common understanding and vocabulary with those working within digital humanities and the archive community, and how participation in this research is impacting approaches to the conservation of digital arts. The paper aims to develop alliances and dialogue between these research projects and those working in this area within the United States.

Dr. Pip Laurenson
Head of Collection Care Research