Developments at Tate in the Conservation of Artists’ Video as File-Based Data

Pip Laurenson
The Electronic Media Review, Volume Two: 2011-2012
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Tate is currently engaged in the challenge of moving its collection of artists’ video away from proprietary videotape formats to its storage as data. This paper describes Tate’s experience of using INGEX (an open source system developed by the BBC) and Tate’s exploration of the potential of this system within the context of the conservation of video art. Using case studies, practical issues related to this major technological shift will be explored including an examination of the parameters for evaluation, changes in workflow, the management of metadata and the identification of areas where further development is required. Tate’s work in this area has been done in discussion with Cambridge Imaging (a company specializing in creating video archive management systems), the BBC and University College London’s Electronic & Electrical Engineering Department. This research has been generously supported by the New Art Trust as part of phase three of the project Matters in Media Art.

Pip Laurenson
Head Of Collection Care Research