The Electronic Media Review, Volume Two: 2011-2012

EMG is very pleased to present the second volume of The Electronic Media Review, a biennial publication of the talks presented at the EMG session of the AIC Annual Meeting. This volume contains the post-prints from the 2011 EMG session in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and the 2012 session in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

This publication is free to members of EMG during the period covered by the talks. To join EMG, visit

The EMG Officers and Publications Committee are indebted to the speakers at our Annual Meeting sessions in 2011 and 2012 for sharing their research and providing a foundation of knowledge for the conservation of electronic media. A special thanks to the Publications Committee members: Briana Feston, Jane Klinger, and Sarah Norris, for their excellent work in editing the papers for this volume and to EMG board members Helen Bailey and Stephanie Gowler for their much needed help in getting these papers to publication.

Jeffrey Warda
Managing Editor