ANAGPIC 2008 Student Papers & Posters

Presented at the 2008 Annual Student Conference hosted by New York University
Conservation Center of the Institute of Fine Arts

Aimee Ducey (pdf) (doc), New York University
Conservation of Installation Art: Joseph Beuys’s Aus Berlin: Neues vom Kojoten

Lisa Duncan & Jessica Keister (pdf) (doc), University of Delaware/Winterthur
In Pursuit of Reality: A Technical Study of 2 Obscure Photographic Processes of the 19th Century

Fletcher Durant (pdf) (doc), University of Texas at Austin
Revisiting the (Recent) History of Publishers’ Bindings as Artifacts

Jocelyn Evans (pdf) (doc), Harvard University Art Museums
Sacrifice of Isaac by Antonio di Donnino del Mazziere: Technical Analysis and Conservation Treatment

Erin Gordon (pdf) (doc), Queen’s University
Comparing Paper Extract to Traditional Toning Materials

Ainslie Harrison (pdf) (doc), Queen’s University
The Effects of Butvar B-98 on Bronze

Elizabeth Homberger (pdf) (doc), Buffalo State College
Contextualizing the Nontangible: The Research and Treatment of a Collection of African Medicine

Tara Hornung, Anna Serotta, & Diana Johnson (pdf) (doc), New York University
The Challenge of Attribution: Technical Examination of a Bronze Ding

Sharon Norquest (pdf) (doc), University of Delaware/Winterthur
Preventing Poultice Problems: A Study of Ceramic Stain Reduction


ANAGPIC 2008 Student Posters
Presented at the 2008 Annual Student Conference hosted by New York University

Conservation Center of the Institute of Fine Arts

Lorrie Dong (pdf) (jpg), University of Texas at Austin
Assessing Commercial Binding for the Smithsonian Institution Libraries

Ozge Gencay Ustun & Charlotte Eng (pdf) (jpg), UCLA/Getty
Limitations of Handheld XRF Instruments as a Quantitative Tool for Analyzing Heavy Metal Pesticides on Organic Art Objects

Bret S. Headley (pdf) (jpg), University of Delaware/Winterthur
Recovery and Conservatioin of a Lapdesk Damaged by Water and Light Exposure as a Result of Hurricane Katrina

Emily Lin (pdf) (jpg), Queen’s University
Diaminoalkanes as Swelling Inhibitors in Ancient Egyptian Limestone Conservation

Cher Schneider (pdf) (jpg), Queen’s University
Enzyme, Bleaching, and Solvent Treatments for Removing Oxidized Linseed Oil from Paper


Photo Credits: (Top Left) Sacrifice of Isaac, from Jocelyn Evan’s paper; (Middle) Aus Berlin: Neues vom Kojoten, from Aimee Ducey’s paper; (Top Right) Zhou dynasty ding, from Tara Hornung, Anna Serotta, & Diana Johnson’s paper.


The 2008 student participants were Jessica Chloros, Lorrie Dong, Aimee Ducey, Lisa Duncan, Fletcher Durant, Charlotte Eng, Jocelyn Evans, Ozge Gencay Ustun, Erin Gordon, Louise Groll, Ainslie Harrison, Bret S. Headley, Elizabeth Homberger, Tara Hornung, Caitlin Jenkins, Diana Johnson, Jessica Keister, David Legris, Emily Lin, Nicole Mann, Claire Neily, Sharon Norquest, Rene Sandin, Anna Serotta, Cher Schneider, and Jessica Wehner.