ANAGPIC 2016 Student Papers & Posters

Presented at the 2016 Annual Student Conference hosted by Harvard Art Museums.

The ANAGPIC conference took place at the Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies, Harvard Art Museums on April 14-16, 2016.


Iron Gall Ink at the Agnes: Analysis of Iron Gall Ink in the Agnes Etherington Art Collection
Emily Cloutier, Queen’s University

18th Century Armenian Prayer Scroll: The Study of Cultural Context and the Characterization of Manufacturing Techniques
Colette Badmagharian, University of California Los Angeles/Getty

The On-Site Analytical Study, Photographic Documentation, and Conservation Treatment of an Egyptian New Kingdom Child Coffin
Nicole Peters, Buffalo State College

Analysis of Chinese Neolithic Ceramics from the Qijia Culture
Elizabeth La Duc, Harvard University 

Improvisation and Collaboration in the Field: Mass Treatment of Metal Finds on the Sardis Expedition, Turkey
Harral DeBauche and Emily Frank, New York University

Performance Based Evaluation of Salt Crystallization Inhibitors to Manage Salt Deterioration in Terracotta
Casey Alane Weisdock, University of Pennsylvania 

Recreating Acid Stains on Historic Cast Concrete
Alice Gilmore, University of Pennsylvania

Shrinkage in Lime Stucco: Mitigating Shrinkage Through the Practice of “Banking”
Raudhah Binti Borhanuddin, Columbia University 

Extra Time-Just in Case: CO2 Tracer Gas Equilibrium in the Exhibition Case Prior to Leakage Testing
Joy Bloser and Shannon Mulshine, New York University

A Study of Moiré Pattern of Tortoiseshell: Morphology, Techniques for Documentation, and Results of Accelerated Light Aging
Lesley Day, University of Los Angeles/Getty

The Treatment and Technical Study of Chinese Export Lacquer at Winterthur
Madeline Corona and Jessica Chasen, Winterthur, University of Delaware

Retreating from Wax: Investigation and Re-Treatment of a Painting Exhibiting Strange Surface Effects
Anne Schaffer, Buffalo State College 

The Marina Cave Wall Paintings: A Technical Examination of Wall Paintings from Qalamoun, Northern Lebanon
Anne-Marie Guerin, Queens University

Susan MacDowell Eakins and Anna Mary Robertson “Grandma” Moses:  Research Informs Treatment on Paintings by Two Women Artists
Alexa Beller and Gerrit Albertson, Winterthur, University of Delaware

Revealing a Masterpiece: A Technical and Art Historical Investigation into Franz Marc’s Grazing Horses IV (The Red Horses)
Andrea von Hedenstroem, Harvard University