ANAGPIC 2014 Student Papers & Posters

Presented at the 2014 Annual Student Conference hosted by Buffalo State College

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Stephanie Barnes, Queen’s University
An Investigation of Extreme Delamination in Nu Féminin (1967) by Montréal Artist Jori Smithy

Aaron Burgess, Buffalo State College
Shattered Earth: The Treatment of a Twentieth Century Clock and Globe

Claire Curran, Winterthur/University of Delaware Program
Conserving the Contemporary: Challenges of Preserving Cuttlefish Bone and Egg

Erin Kraus, Queen’s University
Comparison of Klucel G Pre-made Mending Tissue Using Isopropanol and Ethanol and Three Methods of Reactivation

Nicole Ledoux, Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies, Harvard University
Delaying the Inevitable: An Investigation of Plastic Deterioration in Joseph Beuys Multiples

Georgina Rayner, Narayan Khandekar and Katherine Eremin, Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies Harvard University; and Rita Giannini and Andrew Shortland, Centre for Archaeological and Forensic Analysis, Cranfield University
Elemental Identification of Pigments used in Traditional Bark Paintings in the Northern Territory of Australia

Kari Rayner, Kathryn Brugioni, Megan Randall, and Jessica Walthew, Conservation Center, Institute of Fine Art, New York University
Smoke and Mirrors: Revealing Chanler’s Whitney Studio Fireplace

Michelle Sullivan, Shannon Brogdon-Grantham, and Kimi Taira, Winterthur/University of Delaware Program
New Approaches to Cleaning Works of Art on Paper and Photographs

Jessica Walthew and Eve Mayberger (pdf), Conservation Center, Institute of Fine Art, New York University
Radiography and Replication as Investigative Tools for Conservation Research: The Dummy Mummy Projects


Marie-Lou Beauchamp, Queen’s University
The Use of Cyclododecane as a Temporary Fixative for Loose Surface Media on Paper to Allow Mechanical Conservation Treatments

Michelle Sullivan and Kimi Taira, Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation
Investigation of Foxing Reduction in Works on Paper with Enzymes and Chelators in Agarose Gels

Emily Turgeon-Brunet, Queen’s University
The Removal of Polymerized Linseed Oil and Aged Olive Oil from Paper

The 2014 student paper participants were Megan Salazar-Walsh, Georgina Rayner, Claire Curran, Kari Rayner, Alexis North, Erin Kraus, Melissa Swanson, Kevin Wohlgemuth, Aaron Burgess, Shannon Brogdon-Grantham, Michelle Sullivan, Betsy Burr, Stephanie Barns, Eve Mayberger, Nicole Ledoux

Photo Credits: (Top Left)”Detail of extent of deterioration on Nu Féminin” from Stephanie Barnes paper; (Middle) “Before Treatment image of the Uniclok, owned by the Buffalo Museum of Science” from Aaron Burgess paper; (Top Right) “Placement of hybrid enzyme-chelator gels during treatment”from Michelle Sullivan, Shannon Brogdon-Grantham,and Kimi Taira paper