ANAGPIC 2015 Student Papers & Posters

Presented at the 2015 Annual Student Conference hosted by Winterthur/University of Delaware Program in Art Conservation and the University of Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Program

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Sophie Barbisan, Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies, Harvard University
Becoming a Paper Conservator in France: Education and Working Experience

Amy Brost, Conservation Center, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University
Digital Media in Art:  Meaning, Materiality, Digital Forensics Workflows, and Conservation

Ellen Davis, Buffalo State College
The Unfurling of Watherston’s Method: Research into the Re-Treatability of Morris Louis’s Alpha (1960)

Kat Gardner, Columbia University
Use of Astringent Persimmon Juice as an Alternative Wood Preservation Treatment
2015ANAGPIC_ Gardner_paper

Lauren Gottschlich, Anisha Gupta, Jacinta Johnson, and Alexandra Nichols, Winterthur/University of Delaware
Tattered Tapa: Multi-disciplinary Collaboration in the Study and Treatment of a 19th-Century Fijian Bark Cloth

Jennifer Hunt Johnson, Buffalo State College
Conservation Treatment of Early Printed Books:  Possibilities, Methodologies and Outcomes

Courtney Llewellyn Magill, University of Pennsylvania
Performance Assessment and Evaluation of Clear Hydrophobic and Ultraviolet Protective Treatments for Historic Log Structures

Irene Matteini, University of Pennsylvania
An Assessment and Evaluation on the Effects of Acidic Cleaning Methods on Unglazed Terracotta using Accelerated Weathering Test Protocols
2015 ANAGPIC_Matteini_Paper

Kaslyne R. O’Connor, Queen’s University
Fill Materials for Cast Acrylite® Used in Face-Mounted Photographs:  Scratch-Repair, Methodology, and Accelerated Aging

Desirae Peters, Conservation Center, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University
Conservation through Conversation: Material and Meaning in the Work of Dario Robleto

Emily Wroczynski, Winterthur/University of Delaware
Silent No More: The Material and Art Historical Analysis of an American Dummy Board

Sophia Zweifel, Queen’s University
Exploring the Role of the Substrate in the Fading and Reversion Behaviour for Prussian Blue Dye
2015ANAGPIC_ Zweifel_paper


Elizabeth Anne Burr, UCLA/Getty Program
Technical study of a miniature Tuareg camel saddle using X-radiography and X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy

Lauren Buttle, Queen’s University
A Comparative Study of Lightfastness in Oil-Based and Soy-Based Printmaking Inks in Works of Art on Paper

Lesley Day, UCLA/Getty Program
Diagnostic Imaging Techniques for the Identification of Tortoise Shell

Megan Doxsey-Whitfield, Queen’s University
Investigation of Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate and Hostacor® IT as Flash Rust Inhibitors for Rinsing Archaeological Iron

Daniel Doyle, Queen’s University
Examining the Effect of Relative Humidity on Mammoth Molars

Emily Frank, Conservation Center, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University
Juggling Priorities: Risk Assessment and Risk Management of Sheila Hicks’s “B-level Tapestries” at the Ford Foundation

Bianca Garcia, Winterthur/University of Delaware
Under the Skin: Examination of an Ecuadorian Polychrome Madonna of the Immaculate Conception

Laura Hashimoto, Queen’s University
Examining Effects of Ammonium Citrate Immersions on Paper

Colette Khanaferov, UCLA/Getty Program
Piecing together the history of an 18th century printed Armenian Prayer Scroll

José Luis Lazarte, Winterthur/University of Delaware
Revealing Layers of Meaning: Issues in the Construction and Iconography found in a Painting Depicting the Virgin of Guadalupe

Bethany Jo Mikelait, Queen’s University
Gatorfoam to Improve the Structural Integrity of Paintings:  Prevention of Damage from In-House Handling

Marie-Hélène Nadeau, Queen’s University
The Effect of Cyclododecane on Aged Acrylic Paint Films

Kaslyne O’Connor, Queen’s University
Fill Materials and Methods for Scratch Repair on Poly(methyl methacrylate) Used in Face-Mounted Photographs

Dawn Wallace, Buffalo State College
Acne Gel for Green Ear Syndrome? A study on copper corrosion stain removal from poly (vinyl chloride)

Sophia Zweifel, Queen’s University
The Role of the Substrate in the Fading and Reversion Behaviour of Prussian Blue Dye

The 2015 student paper participants were Sophie Barbisan, Amy Brost, Ellen Davis, Kat Gardner, Lauren Gottschlich, Anisha Gupta, Jacinta Johnson, and Alexandra Nichols, Jennifer Hunt Johnson, Courtney Llewellyn Magill, Irene Matteini, Tom McClintock, Kaslyne R. O’Connor, Desi Peters, Heather White, Emily Wroczynski, and Sophia Zweifel.

Photo Credits: (left) Interior of the Louvre Museum, from Barbisan paper; (center) Image of the book “Historia Troiana”, shown open, after treatment and rebinding, from Johnson Paper; (right) Barn on Mormon Row in Grand Teton National Park, from Magill paper