ANAGPIC 2006 Student Papers

Presented at the 2006 Annual Student Conference hosted by the University of Delware/Winterthur
Art Conservation Department


Tish Brewer, University of Texas at Austin
The Nature of Forgeries: Iron Gall Ink and Paper Aging in Relation to Forged Historical Documents – An Independent Study                  2006ANAGPIC_Brewer

Rebecca Capua, New York University
Materials and Techniques of George Grosz: American Watercolors 2006ANAGPIC_Capua

Catherine Coueignoux, University of Delaware/Winterthur
An Exploration of Surface: Deciphering the History and Meaning of the Winterthur Peter Stretch Clock’s Finish                       2006ANAGPIC_Coueignoux

Amy Crist, Buffalo State College
An Investigation of the Characteristics, Compositions, and Identification Methods of Wax Crayons and Colored Pencils, Including a Case Study of a Drawing by Roberto Matta                                                         2006ANAGPIC_Crist

Matt Cushman, University of Delaware/Winterthur
A New Method for the Treatment of Iron-Stained Architectural Marble: in situ reduction of iron(III) using photovoltaic polymers and the introduction of a new chelating agent for conservation                              2006ANAGPIC_Cushman

Lindsay Haynes, Queen’s University
An Investigation into the Materials, Structure and Degradation Behavior of Portraits by William Sawyer                                                 2006ANAGPIC_Haynes

Jo-Fan Huang, Harvard University Art Museums
A Technical Examination of 7 Thai Manuscripts in the 18th, 19th, and 20th Centuries                                                                                      2006ANAGPIC_Huang

Sandra Kelberlau, Harvard University Art Museums
How One Landscape-Painter Paints: The Technique of Sanford Robinson Gifford                                                                                      2006ANAGPIC_Kelberlau

Mary Oey, New York University
Some Problems in Musical Instrument Conservation in Museum Collections 2006ANAGPIC_Oey

Sara Ribbans, Queen’s University
Past Practices Causing Modern Problems: The Conservation of Three Jules Cheret Posters                                                                           2006ANAGPIC_Ribbans

Dana K. Senge, Buffalo State College
Analysis and Treatment of a Chinese Ceramic Mortuary Figure 2006ANAGPIC_Senge

Jim Thurn, University of Texas at Austin
Research on Methods to Remove Mold from Cellulose Acetate Audiotape 2006ANAGPIC_Thurn

Photo Credits: (Top Left) Roberto Matta, Untitled, from Amy Crist’s paper; (Middle) Hans Ruckers the Elder, Double virginal, 1581, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, from Mary Oey’s paper; (Top Right) Detail of Portrait of Robert J. Carson, 1881, from Lindsay Haynes’ paper.