Guidelines for Reviewers

Your responsibility is to read the manuscript with the following things in mind:

  • Overall clarity
  • Logical order of presentation
  • Presence of sufficient illustrations / figures / images
  • Consistent and correct use of terminology
  • Factual accuracy
  • Appropriate use of references

There is no need to copy edit or format the paper, as we have professional copy editors who will look over the papers when all content edits are settled.

Make suggested changes and comments directly in the document provided. As you work, please ensure that the Track Changes feature is turned on. Though Microsoft Word will tag your comments with your name or initials, rest assured that in order to preserve the integrity of our process, all of your suggested revisions will be anonymized before they are returned to the author.

When complete, please return to

Ideal turnaround is one month from receipt of materials – please contact us if you need to make different arrangements.

The OSG Postprints Editorial team and the OSG membership appreciate your service!

Helpful links:

JAIC Style Guide: