2000 | Volume Seven

Proceedings of the Objects Specialty Group Session
28th Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; June 12, 2000

Preservation of Electronic Media


Compiled by Virginia Greene and Jessica S. Johnson

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Program Chair’s Foreword
Jessica S. Johnson

Postprints abstracts

Consistency of structure: The conservation of Charles & Ray Eames ‘Study for a Glider Nose’
Roger Griffith

A set of conservation guidelines for exhibitions
Toby Raphael and Martin Burke

The ritual around replica: From replicated works of art to art as replica (part I)
Sally Malenka

The ritual around replica: From replicated works of art to art as replica (part II)
Lucio Angelo Privitello

A context for the making, using, and maintenance of replicas at Colonial Williamsburg
Chris Swan

Sitting on history: Conservation and reproduction of 19th century auditorium seats
Daniel Kurtz, Thomas L. Heller, and Susan Glassman

Replication of Neolithic plaster statues: Insights into construction and form
Carol A. Grissom

Unmasking an artifact technology: Textile/clay composites from Ancient Mesoamerica
Harriet F. Beaubien

Collections care and curation of Department of Defense owned and controlled archaeological artifacts and associated archival documents
Thomas J. Braun

Digital image analysis in microscopy for objects and architectural conservation
Elizabeth Goins and Chandra Reedy

Unpublished presentation abstracts

The conservation and restoration of the Iowa Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument
John Griswold, Jonathan Taggart and Stefanie Griswold

The removal of the Klir Beck Dioramas, or, What I did on my summer vacation
Ron Harvey, Gary Hoyle, Paul Cartwright and Scott Mosher

The study, treatment, reproduction and use of an 18th century printing press
Mark Kutney

Tracing the past: The conservation of Duchamp’s Fountain
Flava Perugini

The clay modeling techniques of Gian Lorenzo Bernini
Tony Sigel

No small effort: The completion of condition assessments of over 500 outdoor sculptures for the City of Philadelphia
Nicholas F. Veloz