2022 | Volume Twenty-nine

Proceedings of Objects and joint Objects + Archaeological Discussion Group Sessions
50th Annual Meeting – Los Angeles; 13-17 May 2022

Reflecting on the Past, Imagining the Future

Edited by Raina Chao, Kari Dodson, Aliza Taft, Julie Unruh, and Sarah Waddell, with LeeAnn Barnes Gordon, Program Chair

*This volume is currently being edited – articles and full volume downloads will be available soon*

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Postprints abstracts

Repairing Tirs: Conservation Approaches to Niki de Saint Phalle’s Shooting Paintings
Joy Bloser and Mina Gaber

Gravitational investigation: The history and future of interventive treatment on an Eva Hesse sculpture
Stephanie Guidera

When doing nothing is best for the future: Analysis and conservation of Louise Nevelson’s Dawn’s Image, Night
Kaela Nurmi and Fiona Beckett

Structural stabilization of Beverly Pepper’s weathering steel sculpture
Christine Haynes, Derrin Compton, Emily Rezes, and Rowan Geiger

Preliminary research on plant extracts and waxes as corrosion inhibition coatings for iron alloy outdoor sculpture
Megan Creamer and Emy Kim

Resolving inherent vice in the conservation of a large scale contemporary architectural model
Mary Wilcop

Glazed ceramics placed outdoors: Conservation issues and lacuna integration techniques. An ecological choice for the future with a return to the origins?
Shirin Afra and Laura Speranza

Restoration of the Memorial to Col. Robert Gould Shaw and the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment
Barbara Mangum

Contested care: Two problematic monuments at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Pilar Brooks and Mayuli Santiesteban Quesada

Changing approaches to monumental plaster casts at Weir Farm National Historic Site
Naomi Kroll Hassebroek

A lesson in balance and adaptation: The conservation of Alexander Calder’s Man-Eater with Pennants
Abigail Mack

“Clove of Garlic Crushed and Boiled”: Paul Manship’s patinas
Dorothy Cheng

Magnetic holder with pressure adjustment: The new solution in conservation and displaying works of art and artifacts
Zuzanna Szozda

Collaborative documentation to inform future reprinting: Acquiring additively manufactured objects at Tate and Science Museum, London
Libby Ireland and Vanessa Applebaum

Replication of fine surface details through 3D scanning and printing: Current capabilities and limitations
Robert Price

Layers and layers: An overview of treatment approaches for Egyptian cartonnage at the Penn Museum
Tessa de Alarcon and Alexis North

Sustainable solutions: Water-based consolidants for the treatment of low-fired ceramics
Céline Wachsmuth

The effect of conservation agents on non-destructive dendrochronology
Ingrid Stelzner

Going to pieces for conservation: Experiences gained and lessons learning from ten years of disassembling USS Monitor composite artifacts
Will Hoffman

Building back better: A collaborative approach to reconstructing an Egyptian palace
Jessica Betz Abel and Julia Commander

Unpublished presentation abstracts