2002 | Volume Nine

Proceedings of the Objects and Objects + Textiles Specialty Group Sessions
30th Annual Meeting in Miami, Florida; June 10, 2002


Compiled by Virginia Greene and Patricia Griffin

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Program Chair’s Foreword
Patricia Griffin

Postprints abstracts

On-line survey results of techniques used for outdoor bronze conservation
Tara J. Shedlosky, Kimberly M. Stanek, and Gordon Bierwagen

Ten years of sculpture and monument conservation on the Minnesota State Capitol Mall
Paul S. Storch

Aesthetics, conservation and maintenance of outdoor bronzes
W. T. Chase

Three case studies of outdoor sculpture with problematic intent issues
Michael Belman

An opportunity taken: The project design for a technical study of 26 bronzes in the exhibition Adriaen de Vries: Imperial Sculptor at the J. Paul Getty Museum
Jane Bassett

Non-destructive deconstruction of the Lidow fang hu on pedestal
Laramie Hickey-Friedman

Image recovery of worn-off hallmarks on silver and gold objects
Paul L. Benson and Robert S. Gilmore

Four beakers or two beakers? Only your conservator knows for sure…
Stephen P. Koob

Mina’i wares: Discovery of a 13th century Islamic ceramic transfer technology
John Hirx

A technological study of the painted surfaces of Zapotec urns from Xoxocotlán
Samantha Alderson

A review of ultra-violet light and examination techniques
Laramie Hickey-Friedman

Demystifying silica gel
Steven Weintraub

Unpublished presentation abstracts

Recreating Taft’s ideas in surface finish: Treatment of the Fountain of Time
Andrzej Dajnowski

An alternative to chemical repatination of copper alloy outdoor sculpture
Ron Harvey

War in the Pacific Memorial: Who is the public in public art?
Brigid Sullivan Lopez

Balancing durability and aesthetics in the treatment of painted outdoor sculpture
Abigail Mack, Angela Chang and Shelley Sturman

Love and war: Issues in the technical study of two Roman bronzes in the Getty Museum
Jeff Maish

The lamentation and resurrection: Reflections on the creation, history and restoration of the Lamentation Over the Dead Christ by Giovanni della Robbia and Studio
Barbara J. Mangum

Issues of contemporary patination on outdoor bronze sculpture
Joanna Rowntree

Contemporary approaches to the care of outdoor bronze
John Scott

Abstracts* for joint session with Textiles Specialty Group

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Candis Griggs

Jill Plitnikas

Julie Unruh

Ellen D. B. Tully

Ellen Salzman Chase and Blythe McCarthy

Conserving the Wright Brothers’ 1905 Flyer III: An interdisciplinary and logistical challenge
Deborah Bede and Malcolm Collum

Deborah Lee Trupin

Ellen Carrlee

Mika Takami, Susan Heald, and Jessica Johnson

Lisa Young

Lara Kaplan

Maureen Russell