1994 | Volume Two

Proceedings of the Objects Specialty Group Session
22nd Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee; June 10, 1994

Establishing Original Intent: Sources, Approaches, Collaborations

OSG Session Topic: Loss Compensation: Technical and Philosophical Issues


Compiled by Ellen Pearlstein and Michele Marincola

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Program Co-Chairs’ Foreword
Ellen Pearlstein and Michele Marincola

Postprints abstracts

Collaborative decisions in context: Loss compensation in Native American museum objects
Landis Smith

Chiefly feasts: A collaborative effort
Judith Levinson and Linda Nieuwenhuizen

Curatorial considerations guiding the conservation of a Javanese gamelan orchestra
Sam Quigley

Discussion #1 summarized by Harriet F. Beaubien

Faked, flayed or fractured? Development of loss compensation approaches for antiquities at the J. Paul Getty Museum
Jerry Podany

Compensating losses: Tissue paper fills for sculpture
Pamela Hatchfield and Michele Marincola

Discussion #2 summarized by Harriet F. Beaubien

A visual review of compensation philosophies for Islamic ceramics
Meg Loew Craft

Stained glass conservation: A field in flux
Mary Clerkin Higgins

Loss compensation in contemporary sculpture
Rosa Lowinger and Donna Williams

Conservation of the Darnault mirror: Striking a balance
Nancie Ravenel and Gordon Hanlon

Discussion #3 summarized by Harriet F. Beaubien

Unpublished presentation abstracts

The Paragone and the conservation of European sculpture: Considerations on compensation
Jack Soultanian