2020 | Volume Twenty-seven

Proceedings of Objects and Objects + Architecture Specialty Group Sessions
48th Annual Meeting – Virtual; May – August 2020

Conservation: Reactive and Proactive

OSG + ADG Session Topic: Historic Homes

Edited by Raina Chao, Mary Wilcop, and Sarah Waddell, with Fran Ritchie and Lacey Bubnash, Program Chairs

*This volume is currently being edited – articles and full volume downloads will be available soon*

Postprints abstracts

Tenements, Tourists, and Treatments: Managing Visitor Impact at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum
Stephanie Hoagland

Preservation in Paradise: Working with the Collection at Shangri La
Kent Severson

Preventive and Proactive Conservation at the Gilded Age Mansions of Newport, Rhode Island
Patricia Miller

Conservation in Action: Japanese Buddhist Sculpture in a New Light
Linsly Boyer, Evelyn Mayberger, and Abigail Hykin

It Gets Complicated: The Treatment of Zayamaca #4 by Alvin Loving
LaStarsha McGarity and Raina Chao

Her Majesty’s Portable Museum: A 19th Century Box of Specimens from the Animal, Mineral, and Vegetable Worlds
Tom Braun

Respecting the Service / Respecting the Surface: Treatment of the Copper Alloy USS Utah Ship’s Bell and the Development of Treatment Procedures for Historic Metal Surfaces in the Naval History and Heritage Command Conservation Branch
Karl Knauer, David Krop, Melissa Swanson, Yoonjo Lee, and Abigail Preston

Poultice Desalination Using Buffered Rigid Gel with Ion Exchange Resin
Jessica Abel, Brittany Dinneen, and Renee A. Stein

The Dark Side of the Gilded Age: An Investigation into Soot Deposition at the Vanderbilt Mansion
Margaret Breuker

Reactive, Proactive and Interactive – The Conservation and Reinstallation of the Cassiobury House Staircase at The Met
Mecka Baumeister, Lisa Ackerman, Ivo Kipre, Nick Pedemonti, Jody Hanson, and Jesse Ng

Saving Moth Man: Conserving John Hampson’s Insect Art
Nora Frankel

Coating Iron: A Reactive and Proactive Solution
Anna Funke, Gyllian Porteous, Flavia Puoti, Johanna Rivera-Diaz, Justin Schwebler, Chris McKenzie, and Claire Achtyl

The Treatment and Reinstallation of Neo-Assyrian Northwest Palace Reliefs at the Brooklyn Museum
Victoria Schussler, Tina March, and Lisa Bruno

Preserving Monumental Plaster Casts in a Historic Building: A Conservation Approach at the Victoria & Albert Museum London
Sarah Healey-Dilkes and Mariam Sonntag

Unpublished presentation abstracts

At the Core of the Problem: A New Method Used to Clean the Bores of USS Monitor’s XI-Inch Dahlgren Shell Guns
Erik Farrell