1998 | Abstracts

26th Annual Meeting in Arlington, Virginia
June 1-7, 1998

Unpublished presentation abstracts

An atmospheric pressure atomic oxygen source for cleaning smoke damaged art objects
Bruce A. Banks, Sharon K. Rutledge, Maura O’Malley and Scott A. Snyder

Recovery and treatment of St. John’s Masonic
David Goist

Preventive conservation and disaster preparedness
Barbara Heller, Terry Birkett and Michael Kociemba

A hairy ordeal: Post-fire recovery of the Lundy Collection
Linda Nieuwenhuizen

Recovery of unbacked mosaics from a storage depot fire at the Sardis excavations, Turkey
Kent Severson, Stephen Koob, Perry Choe, Stephanie Hornbeck and Sarah McGregor

Ashes are ashes, dust is dust: Soot removal, cleanup and disaster recovery after the fire at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum
Sarah Spafford-Ricci and Fiona Graham