1990 | Abstracts

18th Annual Meeting in Richmond, Virginia
May 29 – June 3, 1990

Unpublished presentation abstracts

Solutions for labeling plastic artefacts
Helen Coxon and Julia Fenn

Carbonyl and organic acid pollutants in the museum environment
Cecily M. Druzik, Dusan Stulik and Frank Preusser

Parameters of the parylene conformal deposition treatment and their effects on ethnographic materials
Mary-Lou Florian

Conservation conducive colloids
Lisa Goldberg

Conservation of an Egyptian limestone stela
Virginia Greene and Tamsen Fuller

Consolidation of objects in a solvent vapor saturated atmosphere: A new technique for minimizing changes in appearance
Eric Hansen, Rosa Lowinger and Eileen Sadoff

The use of cellulose ethers in the treatment of polychromed surfaces
Pamela Hatchfield

Conservation of a cast zinc sculpture
Alexandra Klingelhofer and Gary Blackburn

The conservation environment at the W. H. Mathers Museum: A long-term path to success
William P. Lull

Maritime collections and their unique problems
David F. Mathieson

Technical investigation of five ancient marbles
Maureen Russell Neil

Updates and enhancements for a multi-task conservation database
Jim Roberts

Food irradiators as a method for sterilization for severe mold infestation on archaeological artifacts
Jim Roberts

The use of methyl cellulose and paper pulp as a gap-fill for wood objects
Linda S. Roundhill and Nancy Briggs

Analysis of the Benin “bronzes” in the National Museum of African Art
Janet L. Schrenk

The Inuit skin preparation workshop
Thomas G. Stone