2021 | Volume Twenty-eight

Proceedings of Objects and Objects + SPNHC Group Sessions
49th Annual Meeting – Virtual; 10 May – 24 August 2021

Transform 2021

Edited by Raina Chao, Kari Dodson, Aliza Taft, Sarah Waddell, and Mary Wilcop, with Megan Emery, Program Chair

*This volume is currently being edited – articles and full volume downloads will be available soon*

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Postprints abstracts

Horse on parade: Conservation of a Momoyama Bamen mask
Jane Gillies

Tlingit strong suits: The collaborative treatment and mounting of Tlingit armor at the American Museum of Natural History
Amanda Chau, Amy Tjiong, Judith Levinson, Samantha Alderson, Gabrielle Tieu, Tommy Joseph, Jeanne Brako, and Jack Townes

Picking up the pieces: Stabilization and repair of a mask from Papua New Guinea
Megan Salas

Natural History 101: Considerations for conservators
Bethany Palumbo

Stained glass: The impact of Florida’s tropical environment on these pieces indoors and the transformative effect of treatment
Julie Flynn and Yenny Cabrera Valdes

The conservation of the San Xavier Mission bells
Nancy Odegaard, Ron Harvey, Simon Belcher, Gina Watkinson, Susie Moreno, Timothy Lewis, and Luke Addington

Living the life of Riley: Treatment of a wooden display horse
Alison Fleming

Materials and meaning in the study of a Kongo Nkisi nkondi: The power of collaboration
Kate Gabrielli

In the market for repairs: Early 20th century African objects at the Fowler Museum
Marci Burton, Carlee Forbes, Erica Jones, and Christian de Brer

Technical study of an Egyptian cast plaster mummy mask in the collection of the Harvard Art Museums
Haddon Dine, Julie Wertz, Katherine Eremin, and Angela Chang

Explorations of historic and contemporary materials for an effective surface treatment for plaster casts to minimize risks from soiling and incorrect relative humidity
Sarah Healey-Dilkes and Mariam Sonntag

You are invited to The Party: A multi-disciplinary approach to treatment of a complex mixed media artwork by Marisol Escobar
Suzanne Hargrove, Emily Cummins, and Marissa Stevenson

A specific object’s journey from Green Gallery to the National Mall: A comparison of two Donald Judd works
Elena Bowen and LaStarsha McGarity

Lascaux and its application in the restoration of taxidermy and entomology collections
Bethany Palumbo

Off the wall: The study and repair of a shattered taxidermy Mouflon shoulder mount
Nicole Feldman, Fran Ritchie, and Julia Sybalsky

Conservation of 18th-century bound herbaria: Three visions of ethical treatment
Magdalena Grenda-Kurmanow

Unpublished presentation abstracts