1991 | Volume One

Proceedings of the Objects Specialty Group Session
19th Annual Meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico; June 8, 1991

The Conservation of Sacred Objects


Compiled by Pamela Hatchfield

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Program Chair’s Foreword
Pamela Hatchfield

Postprints abstracts

The effects of gas phase formaldehyde on selected inorganic materials found in museums
Mary F. Striegel

Fixtures at an exhibition: Results of practical tests for a new museum, Parts I and II
Donna K. Strahan and Ann Boulton

Analysis of volatile organic compounds from display and storage case materials
James M. Landry, Michael R. Schilling, and Dusan C. Stulik

Use of an environment test kit in Minnesota
Robert Herskovitz

Passive monitors for the detection of pollutants in museum environments
Cecily M. Grzywacz and Dusan C. Stulik

An integrated approach to reducing concentrations of indoor-generated pollutants
James R. Druzik

The Masterworks exhibition: A case study in climate control and the role of the conservator in an international exhibition
Shelley Reisman Paine

Airtight, humidity stabilized display cases: The practical design and fabrication of sealed exhibit cases
Toby J. Raphael

Simplified procedures for reconditioning silica gel
Steven Weintraub

Maintaining high relative humidity with active and passive systems in large exhibition cases
Arthur Beale

Gaseous and particulate filtration for the Pinkney House at the Kern County Museum
William P. Lull

Small group discussions & abstracts