1995 | Volume Three

Proceedings of the Objects Specialty Group Session
23rd Annual Meeting in St. Paul, Minnesota; June 10, 1995

Ethics in Conservation


Compiled by Julie Lauffenburger and Virginia Greene

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Program Chair’s Foreword
Julie Lauffenburger

Postprints abstracts

Three chairs for leather conservation
Brian R. Howard and April H. Berry

How would you mount a Rambaramp?
Christine Del Re and Paul Countryman

What a relief! A practical, inexpensive approach to the conservation of a large XIX Dynasty sandstone stela
Christina Krumrine and Lisa Kronthal

Structural treatment of a monumental Japanese bronze eagle from the Meiji period
Marianne Russell-Marti and Robert F. Marti

The analysis and reconstruction of Islamic glass-frit ceramics, and comparative methods of desalination
Richard Barden

Desalination parameters for Harappan ceramics
Katherine A. Holbrow, Emily Kaplan and Harriet F. Beaubien

The effects of desalination on archaeological ceramics with evidence of use
Jo Willey

Non-adhesive fills for wood
Tamsen Fuller

Compensating for losses in design with decals
Gregory S. Byrne

A translucent wax-resin fill material for the compensation of losses in objects
Susanne Gänsicke and John W. Hirx

Heat-fused resins or “resin sticks” for use as reinforcing elements or dowels in the structural treatment of objects
Peter S. Champe

Testing erasers used to clean marble surfaces
Jane Williams and Julie Lauffenburger

Field testing webbing clothes moth pheromone traps: Methods and results
Christine Del Re and David Mueller

A preliminary report on conservation research into the rural art parks of Wisconsin
Anton Rajer, Dr. Harry Alden, and Dr. John Hackney

Unpublished presentation abstracts

Using Gore-Tex fabric to protect outdoor sculpture
Terri Schindel

Gilded Metal Surfaces Symposium abstracts

Symposium Chair’s Foreword
Terry Drayman-Weisser

A history of gilding with particular reference to statuary
Andrew Oddy

Gold is in the eye of the beholder
Ursula M. Franklin

Corrosion chemistry of gilded silver and copper
Lyndsie Selwyn

A review of gilding techniques in South America
David A. Scott

The gilding of metals in China
Paul Jett and W.T. Chase

Archaeological gilded metals excavated in Japan
Ryu Murakami

Gilded archaeological metals: Celtic, Romano-British and Saxon
Kilian Anheuser and Peter Northover

Gilded bronze sculpture in the Athenian Agora
Alice Boccia Paterakis

Gilded silver from ancient Nubia
Susanne Gänsicke and Richard Newman

The use of cold mercury amalgam gilding in Byzantium
Pete Dandridge

Gilding on metal after the Renaissance: A survey of Western techniques, with conservation notes
P. Andrew Lins

On the use of mercury compounds in gold electroplating
P. Andrew Lins and Sally Malenka

Architectural gilding on exterior metal: An overview of materials and methodology
Michael W. Kramer

Gilding turn-of-the-century monumental sculptures: D.C. French’s quest to
preserve or to beautify?
Linda Merk-Gould

All that glitters is not gold: Other surfaces that appear to be gilded
Jonathan Thornton

The fabrication of gilt bronze mounts for French furniture of the 18th century
Brian Considine

Electrolytic treatment of gilt silver tarnished by atmospheric corrosion
Cécile Vacquié, Jean-Michel Blengino, and Christian Degrigny

Richard Lippold’s The Sun: Investigation and treatment
Jack Flotte and Jean Dommermuth

Evaluation of cleaning methods and materials on faux-gilded decorative surfaces
Richard Wolbers