1999 | Volume Six

Proceedings of the Objects Specialty Group Session
27th Annual Meeting in Saint Louis, Missouri; June 11, 1999

The Costs of Conserving Our Cultural Heritage: Can we Afford It?

Used or Misused: The Responsible Preservation of Functional Cultural Objects Still in Use


Compiled by Virginia Greene and Emily Kaplan

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Program Chair’s Foreword
Emily Kaplan

Postprints abstracts

Treatment of a Haida totem pole: All things considered?
Leslie Williamson

Corrosion Intercept tent packing and handling system for Donald Judd’s brass and copper sculptures
Eleonora Nagy

The effects of commercial dulling sprays on silver objects
David Harvey

Evaluation of three protective coatings for indoor silver objects
Chandra L. Reedy, Richard A. Corbett, Deborah L. Long, Robert F. Tatnall, and Bradley D. Krantz

The hidden secrets of copper alloy artifacts in the Athenian Agora
Alice Boccia Paterakis

Desalination parameters for Harappan ceramics, part 2
Harriet F. Beaubien

Technical analyses of painted Inka and Colonial qeros
Ellen J. Pearlstein, Emily Kaplan, Ellen Howe, and Judith Levinson

After the fire at the Church of La Compañía de Jesús, Quito, Ecuador

Constance Stromberg

Unpublished presentation abstracts

Conservation’s key contributions to archaeological projects in Central America
Harriet F. Beaubien

Conservation considerations in the restoration of archaeological ceramics
Charles O. Diesen, Grant Goltz, and Paul S. Storch

Tapa: You can’t beat it (enough)
Natalie Firnhaber

Why do so many excavations in Turkey have conservators?
Jessica S. Johnson and Glenn Wharton

The toxicity of benzotriazole: Myth and reality
Stephen P. Koob

A preliminary investigation into material culture composed of western red cedar (Thuya plicata) bark
Ingrid Neuman and Harry A. Alden

A fusion of archaeology and conservation: Painted clay-covered basketry
Nancy Odegaard

Archaeologists on conservation: How codes of archaeological ethics and professional standards treat conservation
Susan I. Rotroff

The design of an archaeological conservation laboratory: Three case studies
Betty Seifer, with contributions from Melba Myers and Doug Currie

Uranium in glass, glazes, and enamels: History, identification, and handling
Donna Strahan

Archaeological conservation at Colonial Williamsburg: Sixty-five years of history
Emily Williams

A tale of two privies: Contracting out for archaeological conservation
Lisa Young