2018 | Volume Twenty-five

Proceedings of the Objects and
Joint Objects + Archaeology Discussion Group Sessions
46th Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas; May 31 – June 2, 2018

Material Matters

Edited by Kari Dodson and Mary Wilcop, with Ariel O’Connor, Molly Gleeson and Francis Lukezic, Program Chairs

*This volume is currently being edited – articles and full volume downloads will be available soon*

Postprints abstracts

Manipulating materials: Preparing and using Paraloid B-72 adhesive mixtures
Stephen Koob

Manganese stain reduction on an Ancient Greek terracotta vase
Susan Costello, Katherine Eremin, and Georgina Rayner

The use of 3D printing for casting proportional replicas used in the treatment of articulated skeletons
Christine Haynes, Julia Sybalsky, and Fran Ritchie

Gold working at Ur: A collaborative project to better understand ancient gold smithing
Tessa de Alarcon, Moritz Jansen, and Richard Zettler

Hot tub time machine: A heated water system for artifact disassembly and treatment
William Hoffman and Ralph Spohn

Conserving alchemy: Bonded bronze and the art of Michael Richards
Anne King, Ainslie Harrison, and Eugenie Milroy

Ghost lives on: The treatment of Rachel Whiteread’s monumental plaster sculpture
Judy L. Ozone, Shelley G. Sturman, and Andrew Watt

New ways of looking at historic ship models: A comparative technical study of a pair of Napier & Sons ship models in the Rijksmuseum collection
Riley Cruttenden and Davina Kuh Jakobi

Ivory, bone, and hide: Material identification of a 19th century Greenland Inuit dog sledge collected by Admiral Peary
Judy Jungels, T Rose Holdcraft, and Dan Kirby

Inpainting lines on Attic and other pottery
Anthony Sigel

Update on changes in the refractive indices of Epotek epoxies, and the effect on choosing one to match glass
Steve Koob, Astrid van Giffin, and Lianne Uesato

How to better and more easily cast B-72 films for loss compensation
Steve Koob, Astrid van Giffin, and Lianne Uesato

Fun with agar and other rigid(ish) gels
Pam Hatchfield

Favorite new sample containers in the field
Pam Hatchfield and Eve Mayberger

Timbermate wood filler
Tom Braun

Unpublished presentation abstracts

Visible effects of adhesive and pressure on color in kingfisher feathers
Michaela Paulson and Ellen Pearlstein

Loss compensation on ceramics using photogrammetry, digital modeling and 3D printing
Kathleen M. Garland, Stephanie Spence, and R. Bruce North

Conditioning basketry elements with water and ethanol: An investigation into the effects of standard conservation methods
Hayley Monroe and Ellen Pearlstein

The tell-tale conservation of two 2,000 year old leather water skins
Irit Lev Beyth, Hadas Seri, Liatte Dotan, and Jessica Lewinsky

‘All That is Gold Does Not Glitter’: Developing Guidelines for the Recovery of Tin-plate on Mineralized Archaeological Iron Through Material Analysis
Michelle Crepeau, David Watkinson, and Nicola Emmerson

Measuring the burial microenvironment on an archaeological site as an aid to the conservation management of artifacts in the museum
Ian D. MacLeod and Alice Boccia Paterakis

Facial reconstruction of Ancient Egyptian mummies: Experiences from the Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum
Sanchita Balachandran, Juan Garcia, Mark Roughley, Kathryn Smith, Meg Swaney, and Caroline Wilkinson

Keeping them ruby: The preservation of Dorothy’s ruby slippers
Dawn MP Wallace, Richard Barden, Janet Douglas, Dr. Gwénaëlle Kavich, Dr. Alba Martin Alvarez, Dr. Regina Baglia, and Mary Ballard

Eva Hesse Addendum: Exploring materiality and emerging technologies
Tamar Maor

Preparing the Apollo 11 Columbia for its national tour
Lisa Young and Malcolm Collum

‘Once in a Whale’: The conservation treatment of historic cetacea at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History
Bethany Palumbo

Understanding the form, materials, and meaning of two ritual figures: Conservation and curatorial collaboration for the analysis and treatment of the historic arts of Africa
Casey Mallinckrodt, Ashley Duhrkoop, and Dr. Ndubuisi (Endy) Ezeluomba

Adhesive applicators: Hiding in plain sight
Carolyn Riccardelli

Reference collection of treatment materials
Linda Roundhill

Pallet tilters for accessing the underside of objects
Karl Knauer

Otherwise impossible images: Orthorectified images from photogrammetry for object documentation
JP Brown

Quick response tents
Gretchen Anderson