2001 | Volume Eight

Proceedings of the Objects Specialty Group Session
29th Annual Meeting in Dallas, Texas; June 2, 2001

State of the Art: Conservation in 2001


Compiled by Virginia Greene and Lisa Bruno

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Program Chair’s Foreword
Lisa Bruno

Postprints abstracts

Restoration revisited: Ancient and modern repairs encountered in the conservation of an ancient Egyptian collection
Renée Stein, Katherine Singley, Mimi Leveque, Alexandra Klingelhofer, and Ronald Harvey

Under construction: The installation of large scale Egyptian reliefs at the Walters Art Gallery
Lori Trusheim

Helping the mute stones sing: Achieving an aesthetic resolution
Patricia S. Griffin

Considerations for the structural stabilization of deteriorated industrial rubber
Julie Wolfe and Eleonora Nagy

Responsibilities, realities and ranking: How a collections tiering policy aids conservators in ethical decision making and judicious resource allocation at the Henry Ford Museum and Deerfield Village
Mary Fahey and Clara Deck

The role of conservation in the move of collections of the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian
Leslie Williamson and Emily Kaplan

Dilemmas in transporting unstable ceramics: A look at cyclododecane
Sara Caspi and Emily Kaplan

Mosaic conservation at the Worcester Art Museum
Paula Artal-Isbrand

The treatment of a 19th century buckskin jacket
Deborah Long

Jerome exposed: Treatment of a 19th century anatomical model
Beth Richwine

An evaluation of quillwork and hair stabilization methods used at the National Museum of the American Indian
Elizabeth Brown

Storage system for archaeological textile fragments
Lisa Anderson, Dominique Cocuzza, Susan Heald, and Melinda McPeek

Unpublished presentation abstracts

Preservation with finite resources: Conservation and rehousing of Pacific Island and African Material Culture Collections
T. Rose Holdcraft

The case of two urns: Traditional restoration meets modern conservation
Irit Lev

The acquisition of an ancient Egyptian collection: What is the institutional impact?
Therese O’Gorman

Technical and ethical dilemmas in restoring David Smith’s Cubi XIII
John Scott