www.CiA.org: Chemistry in Art Scholars – a virtual and real community

Patricia Hill, Anthony Lagalante, Nancy Odegaard, Deberah Simon, and Erich Uffelman


Chemistry in Art Scholars (CiA) is a faculty learning community focused on integrating science and art for the undergraduate science classroom. The community is a direct outcome of an annual series of workshops sponsored by the Chemistry Collaborations, Workshops and Communities of Scholars program (cCWCS) and funded through grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Although the CiA community is primarily designed for college-level science and art instructors to network and collaborate, and to access, share and develop curricular materials, it also promotes collaborations with and seeks opportunities for educators and others with interests in science and art to access and share resources and develop collaborative projects.

The newly developed CiA website (www.chemistryinart.org) provides free access to numerous resources, and once registered and signed in to the site, allows one to add resources, contribute to an on-line CiA Journal, participate in forum discussions, and find potential local collaborators for projects of mutual interest. A CiA Leadership Council provides oversight of the virtual web community and also helps organize workshops, symposia, outreach and other community activities both nationally and regionally.

This presentation will demonstrate the CiA website and provide examples of ongoing collaborations between college science faculty, conservation scientists, and museum personnel fostered by the Chemistry in Art Scholars Community and cCWCS.

2012 | Albuquerque | Volume 19