2019 | Volume Twenty-six

Proceedings of the Objects and joint Objects + Research + Technical Group Sessions
47th Annual Meeting in Uncasville, Connecticut
New Tools, Techniques, and Tactics in Conservation & Collection Care
May 12 – June 17, 2019

Edited by Kari Dodson and Mary Wilcop, with Jessica Arista, Program Chair

*This volume is currently being edited – articles and full volume downloads will be available soon*

Postprints abstracts

Seeing Clearly: Casting Epoxy Fills for Glass Objects Using Transparent Molds
Rebecca Gridley and Karen Stamm

Supporting Silicified ‘Glass’ Insect Macrofossils for Repair with Self-Releasing Bandages and Foam Support Systems
Marina B. Gibbons

Micromosaics from the Sir Arthur Gilbert Collection at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London
Mariam Saskia Sonntag

Making It Stick: Challenges with the Re-Coating of Miró’s Outdoor Bronze Sculpture Entitled Personnage
Jessica Chasen, Julie Wolfe, Arlen Heginbotham, and Herant Khanjian

Maintenance: An Old Tactic for Evolving Treatments
Nancy Kurtz, Ronald Harvey, and Howard Wellman

An Unconventional Use of Conventional Materials: Conserving Barbara Neijna’s Hand-Painted Sunrest
Rosa Lowinger

Decision-Making in Context: Conservation of Gold and Magnesium Alloy Components on a Surveyor Spacecraft
Jacqueline Riddle, Elizabeth Beesley, Lisa Young, and Malcolm Collum

A Preliminary Investigation into the Use of Laser Cleaning to Stabilize Bronze Disease
Emily B. Frank, Michaela Paulson, Pablo Londero, and Carol E. Snow

Miniature Wax Sculptures at the Philadelphia Museum of Art: A Technical Study, Treatment, and Gallery Presentation
Nicole M. Passerotti, Beth A. Price, Cathleen Duffy, Alexandra Letvin, and Melissa Meighan

Getting to the Gut of the Matter: The Conservation of Siberian Yupik Winter Gut Parkas
Amy Tjiong, Judith Levinson, Samantha Alderson, and Gabrielle Tieu

Traditional Conservation and New Technology: The Preservation of Three Assyrian Reliefs
Kelly Caldwell, Mark Rabinowitz, and Silvia Callegari

When and Why You Might Consider Separating Collection Containers from Their Original Contents
Thomas J. Braun

Technical and Traditional Approaches to the Conservation of Two Zulu Beaded Ensembles
Kathryn Brugioni Gabrielli

Conserving 25 Jaki-Ed Marshallese Dress Mats at the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution
Rebecca Summerour, Ingrid Ahlgren, G. Asher Newsome, and Gwénaëlle Kavich

An Innovative Technique for Reforming Cellulose Acetate in an Architectural Model of Rockefeller Plaza and the Challenges of Preserving Modern, Unstable Restorations
Christina Krumrine

Kapow! The Use of Cosplay Materials in Museum Display Mounting
Alexis North

An Exploration into the Conservation of Chris Burden’s Metropolis II
Alison Walker and Rich Sandomeno

Deteriorating Elastomers: New Options for Treatment
Kate Wight Tyler

Unpublished presentation abstracts

Examining the Use of Ozone Test Strips to Detect PVC Plastics in Museums
Mary Coughlin, Gwénaëlle Kavich, G. Asher Newsome, and Qiuhui Wang

Emission of New Plasticizers from Polymers: Evaluation of the Degradation and Life-Time Prediction of Soft-PVC Objects in Museums Collections
Patricia Schossler