A multi-task database for condition surveys, conservation reports, and laboratory management

Jim Roberts


The WACC Conservation Database Program manages data in three primary areas: 1) Data Collection (Condition Survey), 2) Data Reporting, and 3) Data Transfer, and it coexists with the current dBase III+ National Park Service Automated National Catalogue System (ANCS) program, in order to read specified fields from the ANCS data files for reporting purposes. For application in non-NPS collections, another version of this program operates independent of the ANCS database.

Using Data Collection, one can identify both a primary and a secondary material, as well as, select descriptive words relating to condition of the structure, surface, decorative parts, and previous treatment of each material. In addition, a 256 byte memo field allows for written comments. A similar system addresses proposed treatments for the materials. Both condition and treatment are summarized and the estimated treatment hours are tabulated. The reporting feature prints In a standard report format only those characteristics which are recorded. In addition, a macro Is available to import the ASCII dBase file into Wordperfect, in order to include additional text for condition reporting, “sign off” areas for both the curators and the conservators, and other word processing features.

The conservator uses this program to manage conservation data of the collection, to compute treatment hours, to plan treatments, and to establish treatment priorities. A date feature signals cyclic maintenance schedules for previously treated objects. The program operates simultaneously on two different single user computers, such as the IBM AT and IBM compatible portable.

1989 | Cincinnati