Fixtures at an exhibition: Results of practical tests for a new museum, Parts I and II

Donna K. Strahan and Ann Boulton


The authors will present two aspects of testing which are presently underway in preparation for the installation of a permanent exhibition in the new Asian wing known as Hackerman House at the Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore, MD.

Part I (Donna Strahan) will discuss some new materials tested for exhibit case construction. Modified Oddy tests were run on wood products and sealants. From these, several plywoods, chipboards and three sealants which performed the best were chosen and more extensive tests were run on ten samples of each material.

Part II (Ann Boulton) will discuss a group of test cases which were set up to determine which deck design would allow the most efficient passage of conditioned dry air from the silica gel compartment to the vitrine. The experiment came about because three different deck designs were being considered for a prototype case to be copied for use throughout the museum. Measurements were made of the amount of time necessary for the relative humidity to drop from ambient (about 50%) to 30% or lower for each deck design. Results indicate that the perforated deck allowed for more efficient air flow than solid decks with 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch air gaps at the edges.

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1991 | Albuquerque | Volume 1