On-line survey results of techniques used for outdoor bronze conservation

Tara J. Shedlosky, Kimberly M. Stanek, and Gordon Bierwagen


The techniques and materials used to conserve and protect outdoor sculpture are as varied as the sculpture being treated. As part of a larger study in protective coatings for outdoor sculpture and ornamentation, funded by the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training, an on-line survey, focusing on the techniques used on outdoor bronze, was conducted. The survey compiled a list of maintenance procedures, and the materials used by the participating conservators. In addition, the surveyed conservators provided an outline for properties of an ideal outdoor bronze coating.

Members of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, International Council of Museums Metals Working Group, and the Conservation OnLine directory were asked to complete the survey. The assessment was conducted on-line, for its ease and anonymity. Results of this study will help us to better develop new coating systems for outdoor bronze conservation. Findings of the survey as well as potential new coating systems will be discussed.

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2002 | Miami | Volume 9