Ten years of sculpture and monument conservation on the Minnesota State Capitol Mall

Paul S. Storch


This presentation will focus on the organization and methodologies developed in the field over the course of a decade to deal with a diverse set of sculptures and monuments. The Daniels Objects Conservation Laboratory has participated in three different research projects with three different contracting conservation firms during that time period that have resulted in applied research in metal cleaning, coating testing, and gilding techniques and methods. These projects will be described and illustrated. Actual conservation treatment treatments and the development of on-going maintenance schemes will be discussed.

The technical aspects of the projects and program will be put in the context of working within a complex bureaucracy. Conservation of the Mall monuments is a responsibility of the Minnesota Historical Society, however, there are several other state agencies who also have oversight and fiduciary responsibilities. Problems and solutions in communications, coordination, and control will be examined.

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2002 | Miami | Volume 9