NMAI good tips: Application and bulking of cyclododecane and mass production of supports

Rachael Perkins Arenstein, Norine Carroll, Jennifer French, Emily Kaplan, Angela Yvarra McGrew, Ashley McGrew, and Leslie Williamson


The Conservation Staff at the National Museum of the American Indian have compiled several recommendations for the application and bulking of Cyclododecane, and for the mass production of easy object supports.

The section on cyclododecane lists tools that have been tested in the NMAI lab with guidelines for determining which tool may be suitable for either pinpoint control or for covering larger surface areas. Bulking the cyclododecane with Japanese tissue paper or cellulose pulp is recommended for filling large, gaping joins or spaces.

The section on easy object supports shows and explains designs for economical beanbags, specialized trays with corresponding inserts, and rings for supporting round-bottomed ceramics. These archival supports are suitable for use when moving objects from location to location, or for permanent re-housing.

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2003 | Washington DC | Volume 10