Tips and tricks with epoxy and other casting and molding materials

Stephen P. Koob


This short presentation offers practical tips and procedures to the conservator in order to provide reproducible, error-free and time-saving results, using some of the most difficult materials in conservation: epoxy resins.

Discussion and recommendations include: choice of resin, necessary tools and equipment, recommended conditions for use, mixing, warming or pre-heating, viscosity and application, additives, pigments and dyes, storage, shelf-life, effect of refractive index. Application procedures are discussed for adhesive use, mold making, casting, curing, clean-up and finishing.

Additional tips cover molding materials such as plaster of Paris, plasticine, dental wax and silicone rubber. Other useful materials are mentioned along with some suggestions for surface finishing and filling air bubbles.

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2003 | Washington DC | Volume 10