Properties of fillers in putties based on Acryloid B-72

Julie Wolfe and Talitha O’Connor


Bulking Acryloid B-72 with fillers to make putties can have great flexibility due to the enormous range of products available for this application. Individual characteristics of each filler type will modify the properties of the polymer in different ways. This paper presents an initial phase of research designed to study the effects of fillers in B-72, to understand the difference between bulking with carbonates, silicates, sulfates, or organic compounds. In this phase, the fillers and resin were chosen to represent a set of putties that could be used for loss compensation on white marble in an indoor setting. A systematic study has been limited to one resin mixture, 60% B-72 w/v in acetone, isolating a group of 21 different fillers. Sample coupons of the dried putties were tested to compare color, gloss, reflectance, and Vickers hardness. Compiling this data into a reference chart is ongoing. With continued study, the results should allow for improved comparison of their properties, enabling the conservator to choose the most appropriate mixture for specific treatments.

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2005 | Minneapolis | Volume 12