Hot melt cutting of Stabiltex with a soldering iron

Ayesha Fuentes and Geneva Griswold


Instead of using a hot wire or a heat-conducting metal sheet/ hot air blower to cut and fuse frayed edges of Stabiltex, use a soldering iron. Place the fabric under a glass weight (or other material with a hard, straight edge, such as a metal ruler) and weigh it down. Pull the fabric taut and weigh down the opposite end. To make the cut, slowly draw the hot tip of the soldering iron along the edge of the glass weight. This will fuse the ends while cleanly separating the fabric. Gently pull the two sections apart. This method simplifies the equipment necessary, minimizes wasted material (both cut edges are usable and uncontrolled burning is avoided), and lends a higher degree of control than other methods currently in use.

2013 | Indianapolis | Volume 20