The use of CopyFlex food grade silicone rubber for making impressions of archaeological objects

Vanessa Muros, Heather White, and Özge Gençay-Üstün


Conservators are always looking for stable and inert materials that are easy and safe to use on cultural objects. This is especially true when working in the field, where lab grade facilities and resources are limited, if not inaccessible. In the summer of 2014, conservators at the Ancient Methone Archaeological Project tested a food grade silicone rubber, CopyFlex, to make impressions of ceramic artifacts. The pilot application of CopyFlex in the field, combined with the results of Oddy testing, shows it to be a remarkably viable field tool that reproduces fine surface detail while being simple to prepare, easy to use, and safe for the artifact. This article will describe the material and highlight the advantages of its use in the field with the aim of adding another product to the conservator’s tool kit.

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2015 | Miami | Volume 22