2018 | Volume Twenty-five

Proceedings of the Objects and joint Objects + Archaeology Discussion Group Sessions
46th Annual Meeting in Houston, Texas
Material Matters
May 31-June 2, 2018

Edited by Kari Dodson and Mary Wilcop, with Ariel O’Connor, Molly Gleeson and Francis Lukezic, Program Chairs

*This volume is currently being edited – articles and full volume downloads will be available soon*

Postprints abstracts


Tips Session

  • Inpainting lines on Attic and other pottery
    Anthony Sigel
  • Update on changes in the refractive indices of Epotek epoxies, and the effect on choosing one to match glass
    Steve Koob, Astrid van Giffin, and Lianne Uesato
  • How to better and more easily cast B-72 films for loss compensation
    Steve Koob, Astrid van Giffin, and Lianne Uesato
  • Adhesive applicators: Hiding in plain sight
    Carolyn Riccardelli
  • Fun with agar and other rigid(ish) gels
    Pam Hatchfield
  • Favorite new sample containers in the field
    Pam Hatchfield and Eve Mayberger
  • Timbermate wood filler
    Tom Braun
  • Reference collection of treatment materials
    Linda Roundhill
  • Pallet tilters for accessing the underside of objects
    Karl Knauer
  • Otherwise impossible images: Orthorectified images from photogrammetry for object documentation
    JP Brown
  • Quick response tents
    Gretchen Anderson

Unpublished presentation abstracts