The Photographic Materials Group (PMG) of the American Institute for Conservation (AIC) publishes Topics in Photographic Preservation biennially.  It is a compilation of papers presented at PMG sessions during the annual meetings of the AIC and during PMG biennial winter meetings, but can also contain other submissions related to photographic materials.  Published research and treatment is authored by scientists, conservators, and historians in the field.  Although contributors are trained professionals, none of the papers in Topics are peer reviewed.

PMG was formed with a signed article of incorporation in August 1979. Initially, photographic materials conservators met annually at the general AIC meetings and also at an annual winter meeting specific to photographic materials. By 1989, the biennial winter meeting schedule replaced the yearly winter meeting schedule.

PMG Compilers

Marie-Lou Beauchamp (2019 – present)
Jessica Keister (2013 – 2019)
Camille Moore and Jessica Keister (2011)
Brenda Bernier and Camille Moore (2009)
Brenda Bernier (2003 – 2007)
Sarah S. Wagner (2001)
Robin E. Siegel (1989 – 1999)
Maria S. Holden (1986 –1988)

Additional PMG-sponsored publications and resources are available for sale with AIC or free online:

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