2021 | Volume Nineteen

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Marie-Lou Beauchamp


Papers presented at the 2020 Photographic Materials Group Session of the
American Institute for Conservation Virtual Annual Meeting

Technical Analysis of William Henry Fox Talbot’s The Pencil of Nature
Colette Hardman-Peavy

The Conservation of the Ernest J. Bellocq Glass Plate Negatives at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Elsa Thyss

What do Cigarette Filters and Photographic Films Have in Common? Cellulose Acetate: Durable in the Streets, Volatile in the Sheets
Ida R. Ahmad, Deborah Cane, Joyce H. Townsend, Cristian Triana, Luca Mazzei, Katherine Curran

Past, Present, and Future of the Collaborative Workshops in Photograph Conservation
Margaret Wessling, Krista Lough

Seventeen Years of Teamwork: Teaching Photograph Conservation in Central and Eastern Europe
Monique C. Fischer

Strengthening the Preservation of Photographic Materials in Latin America: Celebrating 30 Years of APOYOnline
Beatriz Haspo, Amparo Rueda

Deconstructing the Creation of Daguerre’s Dessins-Fumées: A Photographic Process or Just Smoke and Mirrors?
Sarah Freeman, Nathan Daly, Lynn Lee, Michelle Sullivan, Karen Hellman

The Niepce Heliograph, at the Harry Ransom Center
Diana Diaz, Heather Brown

Removal of aged filmoplast® P 90 tape from inkjet prints
Saori Kawasumi Lewis

‘’Respectfully Dedicated to my Friends Messrs. Bradley & Rulofson’’ Photographically Illustrated Sheet Music and Connections Between Photography Studios and Sheet Music Publishers
Jessamy Gloor

Papers and posters presented at the 2021 Photographic Materials Group Session of the American Institute for Conservation and the Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections Joint Virtual Annual Meeting

Disinfection of Photographic Materials with Ethanol Vapours: Preliminary Evaluation of the Innocuity on Chromogenic Prints
Chloé Lucas, Greg Hill, Nancy E. Binnie

Mass-treatment of E.S. Curtis’ The North American Indian Photogravures
Richard Stenman, Sara Bone

Scanning Micro-XRF for Historical Photography
Nigel Kelly, Roald Tagle, Falk Reinhardt, Ullrich Waldschlaeger, Michele Gironda

Photography Beyond Two Dimensions – Exhibition and Re-Valuation of Materiality
Catarina Pereira, Ilda Zabumba

International Collaboration, and the Potential of Virtual Condition Surveys – The Conservation Assessment of a Collection of Linnaeus Tripe Photographs at the University of Yangon Central Library, Myanmar
Tess Hamilton, Natasha Kung, and Felice Robles

The Transformation and Printing of Claude Marie Ferrier’s Albumen on Glass Negatives by Robert Jefferson Bingham
Nicholas Burnett

The Treatment and Preservation of the Emily Howland Photograph Album
Alisha Chipman, Jennifer Evers

Rare findings – Pannotypes in the Design Registers of the Board of Trade Collection at The National Archives
Ioannis Vasallos, Lucia Pereira Pardo, Patrick Atkinson, C. S. Cheung, Haida Liang

Intervention Criteria of Two Photographic Albums
Pablo Ruiz

A Sticky Situation: The Preservation of Self-Adhesive Photograph Albums
Amber Kehoe

Characterization and Decision Making in the Conservation of IICT’s Photographic Album
Élia Roldão, Joana Sobral, Catarina Mateus

Aluminum Foil as a Cathodic Protector to Prevent Silver Mirroring on Silver Based Photographic Materials
Mohamed Hendy, Enrico Ciliberto, Rasha Shaheen, Reham Tarek

Between Originality and Functionality: Conservation Challenges of Two Photographic Albums Belonging to the Saturnino Herrán Foundation
Ariadna Rodriguez

Examination of the Effects of Various Water Emergency Scenarios on Inkjet Prints Past to Present
Daniel Burge

Papers presented at the 2021 Book & Paper and Photographic Materials Joint session of the American Institute for Conservation and the Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections Joint Virtual Annual Meeting

Cross-Disciplinary Care for the Preservation of Photograph Albums
Georgia Southworth

Revisiting and Reconsidering Disbound Photograph Albums
Anne Marigza

Nineteen-Century Japanese Tourist Albums at the Art Institute Chicago: Complex Interpretation and Material Deterioration
Nayla Maaruf

Camera Work: One Size Treatment Does Not Fit All
Sophie Barbisan

Lord Fitzwilliam’s Print Albums as Evidence
Elenor Ling, Harry Metcalf

The Jessie Fuller Scrapbook: Balancing Access and Context in the Treatment of an Important Black Sorority Scrapbook from 1949 with a Unique but Damaging Structure
Krystal Appiah, Sue Donovan

Additional Papers

The Expansion of the Cold and Cool Storage Vaults at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art
Fernanda Valverde

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