1999 | Volume Eight

Robin E. Siegel

Papers presented at the PMG Session of the AIC Meeting in Arlington, Virginia, June 5, 1998

The Muybridge/Animal Locomotion Collection at the National Museum of American History
Carolyn Long          Download PDF

An Examination of Duplicating Film Damaged by Water in 1986
Robin Siegel          Download PDF

Obtaining Phorographic-Grade Gelatin
Rachel Danzing          Download PDF

Papers presented at the PMG Winter Meeting in Boston, March 12-13, 1999

Gold Fever: Two Unique Gold Daguerreotypes From the Collection of the German Kaiser
Hans C. de Herder          Download PDF

Megalethoscope Plates
Sylke Heylen and Herman Maes          Download PDF

Immediate and Long-term Effects of the Treatment of Silver Mirroring on the Surface of Photographs
Tamara Luzeckyj and Irene Brückle          Download PDF

Training Program for Photographic Conservators
María Fernanda Valverde          Download PDF

Formation of a Watermark Impression on a Collection of Cellulose Nitrate Negatives
Heida Q. S. Shoemaker          Download PDF

Papers presented at the joint BPG/PMG Joint Session of the AIC Meeting in St. Louis, June 11, 1999, were published by the Book and Paper Group

Additional Papers

An Update on the Stability of B&W Resin Coated Papers
Sarah S. Wagner          Download PDF

Investigation Into the Pollution of the Silver Bath
Erin Searles          Download PDF

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